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International Assignees

Support assignees and their families through the entire expatriate lifecycle, from preparation and settling in to repatriation.


Don’t let culture shock crush your employees. As an employer, you must prepare your assignee to tackle the challenges of living abroad and working in a global business environment to ensure not only their success, but also your company’s success.

Make the most of your investment by giving your assignees the tools they need to productively work from day one.


International Assigness learn how to:

  • Anticipate and prepare for the cultural adjustment challenges they’ll face
  • Gain the cultural fluency they need to thrive in another country
  • Get things done in their destination country with background knowledge on its history, values, and cultural norms

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Online Tools

The International Assignees track covers the entire expatriate lifecycle from pre-move and settling in to repatriation and everything in between. Assignees and their families can use the self-paced tools at anytime from anywhere, thus making it easier for them to learn during the busy transition.

The tools use your employees’ learning history to give them new subjects to focus on and new information completely personalized to their current needs.

  • Culture Calculator / Create your own personal cultural profile and graphically compare your cultural preferences with more than 150 other cultures. Understand what challenges may arise when working with people from various countries and how to bridge those differences.
  • Country Profiles / Learn everything you need to know about working with people from another country, including how to conduct business, interact socially, and avoid faux pas in more than 150 countries. Find information on critical subjects, such as about how to build relationships, how meetings are conducted, and what gifts to bring.
  • Self Assessment for Global Endeavors (SAGE) / Evaluate strengths and challenges for a successful expat experience. Examine behaviors and preferences as they relate to the challenges of living and working abroad.
  • Cultural Awareness Training Course / Examine what culture is, where it comes from, and how to identify cultural values of others by recognizing what their behavior means. Learn the dimensions of culture, including, for example, direct versus indirect communication and group or individual orientations, so that you can apply these skills in real-life situations.
  • Expat Adjustment Course / Learn about the adjustment process and culture shock when moving abroad, and gain strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of international relocation.
  • International Move Scheduler / Create customized schedules that organize the dozens of personal and professional tasks to complete in preparation for international relocation. Keeping everyone on track allows for a seamless transition and lets employees hit the ground running once they reach foreign soil.
  • CultureWizard App / Access critical insights from more than 150 country profiles. The mobile version of CultureWizard also includes handy features such as a currency converter, key phrases, and world holidays.

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Instructor-Led Courses

CultureWizard creates and customizes courses delivered all over the world in appropriate languages. All instructor-led courses are delivered in person or via webinar. Designed specifically for your company, their effectiveness is multiplied by online pre- and post-work.

Here’s a sample of the courses you can choose:

  • Succeeding in a New Culture: The International Assignment Challenge
  • Capitalizing on the International Assignment: The Repatriation Challenge
  • Customized country- and culture-specific training

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