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A new standard for Inclusion.

Gain perspective on your organization's capabilities for global inclusion, measured against the only benchmark of inclusive behavior with 200,000+ global professionals. Get actionable recommendations on training, policy and other solutions to improve your company's workplace culture.

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Inclusive organizations are more successful and better engage the diverse talent that makes them successful.

RW3's Global Inclusion Analytics measure your organization's workplace culture and inclusive capabilities guiding your initiatives to solve your unique workplace challenges.

A typical engagement will provide you with:

  • Aggregate reports of Global Inclusion or Culture Calculator results for all employees or a subsection specified by your company. 
  • Comprehensive Debrief Session with RW3 experts providing an overview of your results, with targeted recommendations for further training and policies.
  • Support to help you implement those recommendations 
  • Followup reporting to measure the impact
Data Analytics Dashboard

Why data-led training?


Tailor your programs.

Ensure your Inclusion and cross-cultural training programs cover the topics that will have the greatest impact for your audiences.

Measure Behavior, not just Sentiment

Measure your talent inclusivity by comparing your company's assessment results to the inclusive behavior standards of 200,000+ global professionals.

Dedicated experts on-hand.

We'll support your unique needs with recommendations informed by our successful experiences working with hundreds of organizations.

Demonstrate ROI.

Use data to measure the success of your training and outreach to prove ROI.
Discuss your team's needs

Measurable, Scalable, Personalized Inclusion.

CultureWizard, our award-winning learning platform, includes on-demand video content, interactive tools and live trainings.

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