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Cross-cultural Awareness Training

The borders of business have expanded. Technology and a global marketplace have allowed people from all different cultures and countries to work together, whether remotely or in person. Understanding and leveraging cultural differences is key to personal and professional success.

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Recommended for:
Leaders managing a multicultural staff
Employees working on global and virtual teams
Business Travelers and International Assignees

Your organization will gain critical intercultural business skills for:

Global Teams

Build high-performing global and virtual teams that collaborate effectively across cultures. Our interactive courses and personal assessments teach employees tangible skills such as:

  • Understanding their behavior and communication based on individual culture and personal styles
  • Appreciating each other's strengths and building trust
  • Creating operating structures to maximize the benefits of diverse team members’ work styles

Global Mindset

Gain the insights and skills you need to be confident and successful when working with colleagues from all over the world. CultureWizard's Five-Step Global Mindset model teaches employees how to:

  • Recognize how our own cultural values influence our workplace behavior
  • Be comfortable, confident and effective working with people from different backgrounds and work styles
  • Adjust your message and develop strategies to be understood and effective with colleagues

Business Travelers and International Assignees

Prepare business travelers and international assignees to be effective with colleagues and customers from other cultures. They will learn how to:

  • Get things done in their destination country with background knowledge on the history, values and cultural norms of over 160 countries
  • Prepare themselves and their families for successful cultural adjustment and avoid culture shock
  • Communicate ideas, deliver presentations and negotiate with cultural sensitivity

Global Leadership

Help leaders to effectively communicate, delegate and mentor in culturally appropriate ways so that they can achieve their goals and maximize the contributions of your organization’s talent across cultures. This training will show them how to:

  • Identify their abilities and maximize the effectiveness of these strengths
  • Recognize and adapt to various demands of a diverse global workforce with a global mindset
  • Retain their unique perspective, authenticity and talents while adapting to global requirements

Measurable, scalable, personalized inclusion

CultureWizard, our award-winning learning platform, includes best-in-class digital courses, personalized interactive assessments and live trainings. Contact us today to receive a trial account.

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