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Global Teams

CultureWizard provides you with a variety of global teams courses, tools, and resources. While the courses are complementary, they are not interdependent.

Everyone today is on some kind of global team, which is often virtual. Making those teams productive is a challenge because cultural values have an impact on people’s approach to teamwork.

Learn about the challenges of a global virtual team and how to overcome them as a team member or leader.


Effective teamwork is built on trust and understanding your teammates’ perspectives and expectations. And with technology making it easy to collaborate with colleagues around the world, understanding their diverse cultural backgrounds—and knowing how to tap into their strengths—is critical to long-term success.

Equip your global and virtual teams with the skills necessary to tackle the challenges of working across cultures now and in the future.


Teams learn how to:

  • Understand the way they behave and communicate based on individual culture and personal styles
  • Appreciate each other's strengths and build trust for effective collaboration
  • Create operating structures to overcome the different cultural workstyles of team members

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Online Tools and Resources

The Global Teams track contains tools and resources to build high-performing teams of all kinds: virtual or co-located, standing or project teams.

The tools use your employees’ learning history to give them new subjects to focus on and new information completely personalized to their current needs.

  • Culture Calculator / Create your own personal cultural profile and graphically compare your cultural preferences with more than 150 other cultures. Understand what challenges may arise when working with people from various countries and how to bridge those differences.
  • Cultural Awareness Training Course / Examine what culture is, where it comes from, and how to identify cultural values of others by recognizing what their behavior means. Learn the dimensions of culture, including, for example, direct versus indirect communication and group or individual orientations, so that you can apply these skills in real-life situations.
  • Multicultural Calculator / Compare your personal cultural profile with the national profiles of up to five other countries. You’ll see and understand the potential challenges the team might have and get tips on bridging and managing those differences.
  • TeamWork Tool / Create a collaborative environment with your specific team members and compare all of your personal cultural profiles. Discuss and develop methods for overcoming potential hurdles, and create a strong, collaborative environment that will make the team effective and achieve your business purpose.
  • Country Profiles / Learn everything you need to know about working with people from another country, including how to conduct business, interact socially, and avoid faux pas in more than 150 countries. Find information on critical subjects, such as about how to build relationships, how meetings are conducted, and what gifts to bring.
  • Virtual Teams Course / Working virtually requires different strategies and tactics. Learn to anticipate the challenges and make plans to overcome them. Create virtual team structures and adapt your personal style to build trust, establish relationships, and overcome cultural miscommunication.

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Instructor-Led Courses

CultureWizard creates and customizes courses delivered all over the world in appropriate languages. All instructor-led courses are delivered in person or via webinar. Designed specifically for your company, their effectiveness is multiplied by online pre- and post-work.

Here’s a sample of the courses you can choose:

  • Leading High-Performing Global & Virtual Teams
  • Effective Global & Virtual Teaming
  • Working Effectively Across Cultures

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