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International business travelers and employees on short-term assignments abroad need cultural awareness & communication training quickly.

Prepare your employees for what to expect in meetings, teach them how to approach sales calls, and give them the skills to make effective presentations in any culture. Multicultural training is available for more than 160 countries, so no matter where in the world your employees travel, they’re covered.

Business Travelers learn how to:

  • Interact with colleagues, partners, and customers in professional and social settings
  • Communicate ideas, nail presentations, and close deals with cultural sensitivity
  • Apply their cross-cultural training to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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Online Tools

Using our Business Travelers track, your employees will get a digestible crash course with everything they need for a successful trip abroad. They benefit from additional professional development and career growth, and your organization benefits from an increase return on investment.

The tools use your employees’ learning history to give them new subjects to focus on and new information completely personalized to their current needs.

  • Culture Calculator / Create your own personal cultural profile and graphically compare your cultural preferences with more than 160 other cultures. Understand what challenges may arise when working with people from various countries and how to bridge those differences.
  • Country Profiles / Learn everything you need to know about working with people from another country, including how to conduct business, interact socially, and avoid faux pas in more than 160 countries. Find information on critical subjects, such as about how to build relationships, how meetings are conducted, and what gifts to bring.
  • Pocket Guides / Find quick tips for business success in more than 160 countries. Take these quick references on the go for easy review  on business trips abroad.
  • Key Phrases / Discover the most important words and expressions to effortlessly navigate any trip abroad. Your employees can access these phrases on their mobile devices wherever they are for on-the-go practice.
  • CultureWizard Mobile App / Access critical insights from more than 160 country profiles. The mobile version of CultureWizard also includes handy features such as a currency converter, key phrases, and world holidays.

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Instructor-Led Courses

CultureWizard creates and customizes courses delivered all over the world in appropriate languages. All instructor-led courses are delivered in person or via webinar. Designed specifically for your company, their effectiveness is multiplied by online pre- and post-work.


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Access is everything.

Try our mobile app and get 24/7 anytime anywhere access to:

  • Country Profiles on 160 countries
  • Personal cultural assessments
  • Quick tip pocket guides for 160 countries

Full courses on:

  • Selling across cultures
  • Gaining a Global Mindset
  • Our new Culture Awareness Course

...Plus, dozens of valuable webinars, podcasts and blogs.

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