How's this BBC piece for bucking the trend?

Volkswagen has agreed to stop its Blackberry servers sending emails to some of its employees when they are off-shift. The car maker confirmed it made the move earlier this year following complaints that staff's work and home lives were becoming blurred.

Could you imagine your employer doing this?

Even more so, after a near-decade of cell phones and the internet keeping you constantly connected to your work, how would you feel about this? I know the idea of disconnecting from your work and fully connecting to your family and leisure time is a lovely concept, but would there be a downside to the business?

This begs the question that VW is attempting to answer: does your connection to work on a non-stop basis actually make you a more productive worker?

More and more, a disease of distraction affects modern workers. Enabled by the constant connectivity via smart phones and computers, and a myriad of other modern sociological issues, US workers waste nearly two hours a day doing non-work things. And, the US is not alone in this growing trend. Believe it or not, even the efficiency envy of the world, Germany, is dealing with a growing apathetic workforce that wastes significantly more time than their recent forebears (according to the same Inc. story).

Do you think VW and their works council made a wise move in limiting post-shift emails? Do you think allowing for more unfettered personal time creates a more inspired and focused employee?

RW3 CultureWizard