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Look: Spot the Ball and get caught up on the group stage of the Women’s World Cup in one fun-fell swoop. You have the New York Times to thank for doing a great job creating an interactive game that recounts some of the highlights from the first two weeks of action. A picture, a caption recounting the match and group, and then you get to guess where the ball is with a click of your mouse that immediately calculates your accuracy percentage. Really cool! I scored in the 63rd percentile over. Think you can beat me? Speaking of games, have you checked out our Women's World Cup Interactive Map

Listen: Cool little interview with leadership coach extraordinaire, Simon Sinek on the mercurial task of getting your colleagues to trust you. Interesting, as the interview points out, humans are inclined to trust the familiar, even when the familiar is 10,000 miles from home and might not have any idea what they’re talking about.

Read: It’s pretty well understood these days that when working with China, it’s a wise idea to get a little culture coaching along the way, but pretty soon, you might need a therapy session to get you ready as well. Not necessarily a session for yourself, but a primer for learning how to deal with a generation of Chinese adults who all came of age during the One-Child policy years. In her new book, Buy Me the Sky: The Remarkable Truth of China’s One-Child Generation, author Xinran examineswhat happens when those one-and-onlies, so long the sole focus of their parents’ and grandparents’ love, attention and expectations, go out into the world” and attempt to make their own way.

What would you add? Have you been watching, listening, or reading anything culturally interesting this month?