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Since 2001, RW3 CultureWizard has helped hundreds of companies and over 5 million employees around the world develop the inclusive collaborative environments that organizations need to drive outstanding business results.

The CultureWizard Platform is replete with award winning self-directed learning courses, information assets, outstanding learning models and assessment tools that personalize learning.

In addition to the website, RW3 provides its clients with tailored instructor-led training programs and coaching, as well as Advisory Services that utilize the anonymized data collected on our Global Inclusion Assessment and Culture Calculator to help organizations tailor programs specific to the organization's identified needs.

RW3 CultureWizard has a worldwide network of researchers, writers, global inclusion and cultural experts, as well as offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London.


Michael S. Schell


Michael S. Schell is CEO and co-founder of RW3 CultureWizard. He has been teaching Global Diversity appreciation for over 30 years and is a pioneer in developing innovative teaching mechanisms to help people communicate and collaborate across differences.

In his previous company Windham International (sold to GMAC), he created the Windham Intercultural Model (now known as the RW3 Cultural Model) used to teach intercultural communication skills that enable people to understand and overcome cultural differences.

Michael also co-authored Capitalizing on the Global Workforce: A Strategic Guide to Expatriate Management (McGraw-Hill, 1997), and Managing Across Cultures: The Seven Keys to Doing Business with a Global Mindset (McGraw-Hill, 2009) with Charlene Solomon.

At RW3 CultureWizard, Michael along with Charlene, have created a digital learning platform and dozens of exquisite courses, assessments, and other unique learning resources that teach global business skills and enable organizations to create the inclusive cultures necessary for success.

Charlene M. Solomon


Charlene Marmer Solomon is President and co-founder of RW3 CultureWizard. She oversees all content and product development and operations, including our Client Service and the in-house tech team.

Throughout her career, she has focused on global workforce issues, with a specialty in diversity and inclusion, and doing business across differences and distances. A pioneer in online communities, she is also involved with new e-Learning technologies and ways to communicate inclusively in virtual environments.

An award-winning author who has written eight books, including Managing Across Cultures: The Seven Keys to Doing Business with a Global Mindset (McGraw-Hill 2009, co-authored with Michael Schell), she was an editor at both business and consumer magazines and has written hundreds of magazine and journal articles. She was a contributing editor for Workforce and Global Workforce magazines. Charlene has been a lecturer at UCLA and has years of experience as an instructional designer in instructor-led, virtual and online learning programs.

In addition to her work at UCLA, she worked with The Conference Board (on the aging workforce) and with Catalyst (a women’s think tank) on women in global business. She is a frequent speaker on global business, human resources, work-and-family issues, at such conferences as SHRM, Mercer, National Foreign Trade Council, Deloitte, and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. She was a commentator for Marketplace on American Public Radio, has been featured on radio and television news and feature programs and was the chairperson for the Southern California Committee for the humanitarian organization, CARE. 

She lived and worked in Japan fxor two years during which time she studied Japanese language and culture, and also developed curriculum for Japanese adults.

Joshua Sturtevant

VP of Business Strategy

Joshua Sturtevant is the Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Strategic Development at RW3. Since 2006, Joshua has played a foundational role in building RW3’s products and services, as well as fostering the company’s growth through strategic partnerships and category expansion.

In addition to leading the product and technology teams, Joshua has guided RW3’s marketing technology strategy and played a key role in developing distribution and content partnerships. As a member of the executive team he has helped shape RW3’s workplace culture and business strategy throughout his 17 years with the company.

Since 2020, Joshua has also led RW3’s Advisory Practice, developed in response to an increasing market demand for policy, strategy and talent engagement consultation. Through Advisory Services, RW3’s clients can use the rich data gleaned from aggregated, anonymous results of CultureWizard’s assessments to gain insights into their workplace’s culture and capacities for inclusion. Working with RW3’s expert learning and content teams, Joshua helps consult with clients on training and policy interventions that can help them create a more inclusive workplace.

Sean Dubberke

Principal & VP of Learning

Sean Dubberke is Principal & Director of Learning at RW3, based in New York City. As a member of RW3’s executive team, he leads strategy and content development for the company. As Director of Learning, he leads the CultureWizard LIVE blended learning practice and a global network of facilitators, consultants and speakers with whom his team partners to design and deliver learning worldwide. Throughout his career, he has served as a speaker, subject matter expert and facilitator of learning for groups and individuals.

Sean’s experience spans global mindset development, global & virtual team-building, global diversity & inclusion initiatives, global leadership development, country-specific consulting, international assignment support, intercultural assessment, train-the-trainer certification, learning needs analysis and blended learning solutions.

Sean specializes in collaborative, interactive learning that engages participants to take new perspectives and develop cultural agility. Leveraging his expertise in the CultureWizard Intercultural Model©, Sean’s approach is practical, enlightening and passionate. His sensitivity to diverse learning styles allows him to tailor his style to support client objectives in the most effective way. Sean has also spoken at conferences in North America and across Asia including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei in addition to hundreds of internal corporate learning events in Asia, Europe, Latin America & North America.

Sean holds a MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics, a MA in Global Studies from the University of Leipzig, Germany and a BA in Global Studies with a focus on Socioeconomics and Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He speaks Spanish fluently and has studied Arabic, German, French and Japanese. Sean has traveled to over 60 countries and has lived and worked abroad for 3 years in Germany, Spain and the UK.    

Jorge Vargas

VP of Global Client Strategy and Growth

Jorge Vargas was born in Callao, Peru, and lived there until moving to New York City at the age of seven. Growing up between two cultures taught Jorge the value of perspective-taking and empathy, two skills that he takes with him into any business interaction. Jorge graduated from NYU in 2008, with a BA in Politics, while also launching and operating a non-profit. Jorge used that experience to bypass the typical two-year waiting period before attending business school and attaining an MBA from St. John’s University, which he received in 2010.

Jorge’s career after attaining his MBA began in journalism, though after a few years, he moved into the tech startup space, formally in the role of Operations Manager, where he oversaw HR and financial planning functions. In later companies, Jorge eventually moved on to B2B sales and client service.

Since August 2016, Jorge has been with RW3, where he has worked his way up from being an individual sales contributor (hitting his personal sales goals annually) to serving as RW3’s VP of Global Client Strategy and Growth. Jorge has slowly built up and coached a diverse team of salespeople who made a significant impact in leading RW3 to its best financial performance year (2021) and is on track to repeating that feat in 2022. Starting in June 2022, Jorge also began a project to merge RW3’s sales and client services teams in order to make the company’s two largest revenue engines more efficient.

In addition to his passion for sales and business development, Jorge has learned how to conduct virtual and in-person workshops on topics like “Mastering a Global Mindset,” “Creating an Inclusive Workplace,” “Working Effectively across Cultures,” “Becoming an Inclusive Leader,” and “Selling across Cultures.” Jorge also has been heavily involved in spear-heading the company’s content and email marketing strategy since 2019.

Annette Messler

Chief Financial Officer

Annette Messler brings over 25 years’ experience in accounting and human resources to her position as Chief Financial Officer for RW3. Her previous positions at Windham International and ECA International provided her with the opportunity to work in a global arena, as did her most recent position as VP of Operations and CFO for an expatriate and international payroll firm.

Valerie Greenly

Director of Global Client Service

Valerie Greenly is Director of Global Client Service. She brings 10 years of international relocation experience to her responsibilities of expanding and managing client engagements. Prior to joining RW3, Valerie was head of GMAC’s Asia-Pacific office in Singapore, where she discovered the joys of living and working in Asia. This assignment was a fitting culmination of her work at Windham International, where she helped develop expatriate service programs and the global vendor network.

Valerie received her MBA in Marketing from New York University and her BA in History from Washington College. She also studied at Warwick University in Coventry, England.

Mark White

Director Of Global Client Service
As Client Service Specialist, Mark is passionate about helping clients realise their goals. 
Well-travelled to diverse cultures, Mark is now based in the UK, having lived and worked in the US.
His background spans eclectic industries - predominantly artist management and television production. Mark was the originator of the highest viewing documentary ever to air on Channel 4 (just don’t ask him what the subject was!) and his team was nominated for several industry awards.
Mark has also worked in psychological healthcare as a counselor in a variety of settings - including a small, diverse secondary school in London where 186 different languages were spoken by students. 
Mark’s role at CultureWizard brings together his interests in innovative communication and facilitating success for individuals and organisations. He’s pleased to be able to apply these skills in a world where cultural dialogue is as crucial as ever.

Leah Kaiser

Client Service Manager

Leah Kaiser is a Client Service Manager and brings a passion for learning and problem-solving to her work. Prior to joining RW-3 Leah worked in Global Mobility, serving both as an Intercultural Specialist as well as a Mobility Consultant for expatriates across the globe. She also published an article on the ways that mobility services have transformed to meet the needs and expectations of Gen Z expats. As a US native she has travelled extensively, including extended language immersion programs in both Spain and Costa Rica. Leah earned an AS in Business Administration from Schenectady County Community College, a BA in International Relations from the State University of New York at Geneseo, and an MA in Intercultural Communications from Birkbeck College in London, England. 

Paul Bailey

General Manager,
Paul Bailey is RW3′s General Manager for Europe. He has experience assisting companies in managing their international relocation programs for over 15 years. Initially, Paul managed ECA International’s European Client Services team based in London, moving on to assume overall responsibility for all Business Development activities. He then relocated to New York for five years, as VP for ECA Windham, in charge of all Business Development and Account Management functions. Now repatriated in London, he is responsible for managing relationships with our existing European clients and establishing further business within the region.

Alex Weiss

Manager of Global Business Development

Alex Weiss is RW3’s Manager of Global Business Development. Being raised in New York with immigrant parents, Alex understands the necessity of being culturally aware in today's diverse and rapidly changing world. His previous careers have included Tech startups, real estate firms, and the hospitality industry. Fluent in Hebrew and having traveled the world, Alex enjoys immersing himself in the local cultures and exploring new cities.

Chris Weber

Sales Development Lead

Chris is a Sales Development Lead for RW-3. He graduated from The Catholic University of America in 2020. Chris has spent months living in Rome, Italy and traveling throughout Europe. Before coming to RW-3, he was an On-Premise Sales Representative for Union Beer Distributors. Chris enjoys traveling, watching sports, and going to concerts with friends.

Liliana Vanegas

Marketing Manager

A Colombian-New Yorker, Liliana brings to RW3 a background in marketing and creative content generation, working with leading global brands such as Porsche, Kingston Technology, and Kimberly Clark. She has an extensive background in project and account management. Liliana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies from Boston University, is fluent in Spanish, has studied French extensively, and has lived and worked in Miami and New York City. 

Alana Pena

Global Client Development & Marketing Lead
As a Sales & Marketing Representative, Alana works to create valuable content to close deals and benefit clients. She’s is a recent graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a B.S in Marketing and International Business and has experience working with companies in the travel and non-profit industries. During her time outside the office, Alana likes to read, take hikes, and explore new parts of the Big Apple.

Damien Pryor

Head of eLearning Experience

As Head of eLearning Experience, Damien Pryor is responsible for developing and creating engaging eLearning content for CultureWizard.  He has 10+ years of experience building dynamic educational courses, interactive games, videos, and other content for CultureWizard's 250,000+ users. He's also led all CultureWizard's audience engagement initiatives since joining the company in 2011.  Damien graduated from Washington University in St. Louis studying Cultural Anthropology and Graphic Design, and has spent two years backpacking around the world visiting over 30 countries. Damien has managed over 750 instructor-led cultural training programs for international assignees and their families, ensuring a deeper understanding and appreciation of the new host culture and learning how to overcome cultural differences.

Faryn Sand

Content Manager

Faryn is the Content Manager at RW3, and brings to her role nearly two decades of experience in professional writing, cultural studies and communications, psychology, and education. She is passionate about helping deliver inclusion-based initiatives through courses, trainings, personal coaching, and the written word.

Faryn holds a bachelors degree in English and Cultural Studies from McGill University, and a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Counseling from Columbia University Teachers College, with a focus in psychology and education. She has engaged in intensive research and training in social-emotional education, inclusive learning environments, and the neuroscientific and psychosocial foundations of leadership development. In her free time, Faryn writes poetry and plays music, goes on a lot of nature walks, and supports others to create inclusive, impactful environments.

Mallory Matney

Operations Associate

Mallory Matney is RW3’s Operations Associate, where she supports the Director of Learning with CultureWizard LIVE’s blended learning of online courses and instructor-led trainings.

She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Literary Journalism, and studied abroad in London.  Mallory has a background in Marketing and corporate Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, including facilitation of unconscious bias training and conversations on race. Due to her Euro-Chinese background, Mallory speaks French, Cantonese, and is learning Japanese in her spare time.

Eric Bernardez

Operations Associate
Eric Bernardez is the Operations Associate for RW3 providing support to the Director of Learning and their team with the CultureWizard LIVE’s blended learning of online courses and instructor-led training. 
Eric was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Information Science and Technology. Eric comes from a non-profit background as an Executive Assistant. During the pandemic, he successfully trained "technically challenged" staff members to convert from an office setting to a digital setting . He is a first generation American with parents coming from Honduras. He is of Garifuna heritage, a mixed group of African and Indiginous people settled along the east coast of Central America. He can speak English, Spanish and is familiar with the Garifuna language. 

Ed Lam

Director of Technology
At RW3, Ed Lam is responsible for front line support of CultureWizard sites and services. Ed has a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence from NYU/Polytech and is an accomplished Software Engineer/Project Manager with extensive experience in Fortune 500 companies, managing applications and overseas teams.

Janet Ki

Technical Project Manager
Janet Ki is RW3's Technical Project Manager. She graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Information Technology, and she has five years of experience in developing financial applications and leading technical projects for Fortune 500 companies. 
She loves to travel the world and experience different cultures, which is what drew her to RW3. She especially loves to volunteer abroad and partner with global non profit organizations to empower both women and children.

Ama Freeman

Full Stack Developer
Ama is a software developer on RW3's Technical Team. She graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2018. Before coming to RW3, she was working in the billing and payments technology industry.
Ama loves to travel and meet people around the world. Along with enjoying programming languages, she loves learning spoken languages as well. Right now she is studying Japanese and German. Her other hobbies include drinking good coffee, playing video games, and working on art.

Nathalie Halcrow

D&I Content Strategist

Nathalie Halcrow is a Fulbright scholar with a passion for bringing socially conscious and equitable policies and programs to global workplaces. She has a BA with Honors from the University of Iowa in anglo- and francophone literary and cultural studies, with special skills in techniques of translation. She earned a Master's with High Distinction in International Development from York University, with a Graduate Diploma in Latin American and Caribbean Research. Her academic background has primarily focused on social inequity in post-colonial societies, contemporary imperialism, and transnational Black literature and politics.

Nathalie has worked in social justice education and corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the last 6 years. This involves scaffolding e-learning resources and online courses for global audiences, developing equity informed marketing and professional training strategies and programs, as well as carrying out comprehensive policy review and advisory services with corporate and non-profit clients.

As part of her dedication to ongoing learning, Nathalie continues her own self-education through professional trainings related to equity-informed education, content creation, and policy review. She attends coursework on data migration and anti-racism practices, and she holds certificates in Gender Based Analytics and Personal Wellness and Learning Skills.

Elizabeth Loyola

Content Consultant

Dr. Elizabeth Loyola is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the UC Davis Medical Center. Some of her clinical and research interests include neurodevelopmental disabilities and psychological assessments. Dr. Loyola has participated in and co-led workgroups and trainings on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly relating to women in academic psychiatry and psychology.

Carlina Ramirez Wheeler

Diversity Consultant/Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Carlina Wheeler (she/her) is a multi-racial/cultural licensed psychologist and clinical faculty at the University of California, Davis Health in Sacramento, CA. She serves as the Training Director for the Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology Doctoral Internship and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Training Programs. She enjoys teaching advanced trainees in psychology and psychiatry in the subjects of family therapy, psychological assessment, and individual and cultural diversity. Her passion for these fields of study led to her collaboration with CultureWizard. 

Dr. Wheeler is curious about understanding and assessing how systems and organizations function and change, with an intersectional, cultural, and social justice lens. She was the primary developer of the Global Inclusion Calculator (GIC), RW-3’s psychometrically validated and reliable measure that informs users about their propensity toward inclusivity when navigating complex, global work environments. She also applied research-informed practices to construct items that assess the quality of team relationships, trust, and commitment to DEI initiatives on RW-3’s assessment to improve the performance of hybrid virtual teams. Leaning into her personal experiences and professional training, Dr. Wheeler is invested in creating engaging and culturally responsive webinar content on microaggressions, overcoming implicit bias, managing difficult conversations, and assessment-based coaching.
Dr. Wheeler earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, with a Child and Family and Forensic emphasis at Palo Alto University in California, and a BA in Psychology, with a Legal Studies minor, from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She currently serves as the DEI Committee Co-Chair for APPIC, a national psychology training organization. She enjoys exploring different parts of the world, near and far, with her family.

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