Maximize the Power of Global Diversity

RW3 CultureWizard has been a leader in global business strategy, global mindset development, intercultural competence and DEI learning for more than 20 years.

Our award-winning Global Inclusion Suite includes on-demand video content, interactive tools and live workshops. These programs can be customized to your specific organization to:

  • Raise awareness for critical, company-specific Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals
  • Improve workplace inclusion
  • Increase cultural sensitivity and intelligence
  • Promote equity best practices




CultureWizard, our award-winning learning platform, includes on-demand video content, interactive tools and live trainings. Courses can be customized to your specific organization.

What Your Employees Will Learn with CultureWizard’s Global Inclusion Suite

CultureWizard’s robust online platform is a fun, easy and interactive way for employees to learn and develop applicable skills such as:

  • Understanding implicit bias and why we all have it
  • Learning to overcome blind spots within day-to-day actions
  • Becoming an inclusive leader

How CultureWizard Builds Inclusion Skills

  • High-quality, on-demand videos that include closed captions and transcripts
  • Calculators and games that assess your personal inclusion characteristics and capabilities
  • Interactive quizzes that use real workplace scenarios to test and build skills
  • Live in-person or virtual training
  • 4 brand-new courses on issues facing us in today’s workplace:
    • Managing Implicit Bias: The Persistent Challenge
    • Becoming an Inclusive Leader
    • Confronting Racial and Ethnic Bias: A Proactive, Global Approach
    • Acting Inclusively: Creating an Inclusive Culture

Delivering Results for Hundreds of Clients and 500,000+ Learners since 2001

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The team at RW3 is passionate about the success of their clients. We worked together to outline our learning objectives, and they asked thoughtful questions to ensure deep understanding of our business context. The feedback from our learners demonstrated that they felt more prepared with strategies to adapt their approach to work more effectively across cultures. They are true experts in their space, and are flexible and responsive in their approach.