Maximize the Power of Diversity

Enhance collaboration in your workforce. Bring inclusive skills to the entire organization


CultureWizard’s Global Inclusion Course helps your organization capitalize on diversity and create the inclusive workplace you want. Access inclusive workplace activities that include cultural bias training, cultural sensitivity training and more.

  • Understand the importance of an inclusive workplace
  • Uncover hidden biases that humans naturally develop
  • Overcome blind spots within routine actions
Learn how to make your work environment more inclusive, engaging and productive with corporate diversity training that works. Tailor your diversity training workshops to what fits your team and timing best.

  • Global Inclusion Calculator
  • Workplace scenarios
  • Downloadable videos
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Team-building worksheets
  • Take-away action plans
  • Digital & app access
  • Live, in-person training

CultureWizard by RW3 has over 30 years of experience in global business strategy and diversity management training. Our courses help deepen understanding of corporate cultures and communication worldwide, building employee confidence and positive cross-cultural interactions.

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