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Mobile E-learningIdeally, we here at RW3 CultureWizard wish all global businesspeople the opportunity to absorb the principles of cross-cultural communications training, reflect on them, practice them, and reflect on their practice. In that process, we hope you’ll experience a series of “a-ha” moments that help cement for you the connection between that broad learning about the value (and potential perils) of intercultural communication and your day-to-day business activities. You have plenty of time to do that, right? What’s that? Not so much? That’s where “performance learning” via mobile apps comes in.

 Performance learning happens fast, right “in the moment” that you need a particular bit of knowledge. And it’s ideally suited to mobile e-learning tools.

For a businessperson working across many cultures, performance learning via mobile can feel like a life saver. You may or may not already possess broad contextual knowledge about how to interact with businesspeople from other cultures as you sit in the back of an Uber making your way through the streets of Buenos Aires on your way to an important meeting. But in that moment, the broad knowledge isn’t what you want. You just need to know how best to greet a senior Argentinian businesswoman when meeting her for the first time—and you need to know now.

And now you can. By deep-tagging all of our cross-cultural awareness training content, and carving it up into granular, discrete bits, we have put the information literally at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you are, through mobile e-learning. Access is easy through our own mobile e-learning app or, via our application programming interface (API), through your organization’s own custom e-learning platform. Just search for “meet and greet Argentina”—or China, France, Germany, India, etc.—et voila!

Instead of broad-and-deep, like our standard on-site or online intercultural communications training, performance learning via mobile is tactical, very context-specific and immediately relevant. The big concepts of cross-cultural awareness are, of course, still critically important. But performance learning isn’t about that. Instead, it delivers to your mobile app information that helps you decide exactly what’s best to do in this moment and situation, with that culture.

Overall, I’m fascinated by the potential of mobile e-learning, especially for intercultural communications training. As mobile learning technology evolves, it seems to me the possibilities are endless, especially given the way CultureWizard has instrumented its cross-cultural content database with deep, and granular, tagging.

Stay tuned!  Try out our mobile app!

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