As you may know, I’ve been writing on Women in the Workplace—“gender diversity,” in the modern vernacular—since the 1980s.

I’ve researched and written on a wide variety of gender diversity topics, from the dearth of female expatriate roles, to the need for “friendlier” job configurations, to accommodating working mothers, to affirmative action, to helping female colleagues you may suspect are victims of domestic abuse. That’s almost 40 years of observing and being involved with issues that affect women in the workplace.

But, really, gender diversity issues affect everyone in the workplace.

You may also know that I always look for ways to improve situations rather than merely find fault or lament difficult circumstances. I look to build bridges and create understanding between people because that’s the way to improve situations—and lives.

Being surrounded today by volatile emotions flowing into and out of the workplace, I’m wondering how California Governor Jerry Brown’s move to mandate a certain number of women on corporate boards is going to work. Clearly, there is research to support the financial benefits of inclusion. In the case of gender diversity, McKinsey & Company says the benefits translate into an additional $12 trillion in global GDP. But there is also much research demonstrating that gender quotas don’t work. I unpacked both sides of that story four months ago in my Unlocking the Business Benefits of Gender Diversity post.

Now, I’d like to hear your business cases: Your success stories about unlocking gender diversity opportunities that led to tangible business improvement.

I want to ask you. Not simply “ask,” but really interview several people—male and female—as to what you think would create the likeliest opportunity to raise more women to positions of authority. Positions where their contributions would be welcomed, and integrated into perspectives that are, today, predominantly male.

I’d very much like to interview men and women who have stories of excellent mentors, creative ideas that were successful, and other positive gender diversity stories to share. Please get in touch by sending me an email at  Looking forward to hearing from you!