Timing is everything! As you know, throughout this year, we’ve focused a lot on gender inclusivity in the workplace. It’s not only a timely issue; it’s clearly a crucial one.

Consider this: A Gallup study found that gender-diverse business units have 19% higher quarterly net profit and a McKinsey & Co report found that companies with at least three women on the board had 45% higher earnings per share than less-diverse groups. Creating a gender inclusive workplace impacts global business in fundamental ways; it affects individual careers and even influences the way we relate to each other.

Now, you can participate in our culminating webinar event of the year with two renown gender diversity experts: Tammy Hughes ,President of The Heim Group, and Jeremy Solomons, Senior Intercultural Facilitator. If you haven’t heard them yet, get ready for an extraordinary experience where you’ll learn insights and strategies for more gender inclusivity in the workplace.

Register here for our October 25th webinar at 10 AM (New York Time)

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