Practicing inclusive habits is and always will be the foundation of sustainable professional collaboration. But metrics are still king when it comes to helping you figure out if you are actually reaching your goals. After all, if you don’t know where you stand – and if you don’t know how to think about the ROI of inclusion – you won’t know how and where to aim higher.

One thing you can do right now to start tracking your diversity and inclusion goals is to use self-assessments, like the RW3 Global Inclusion Calculator. Self-assessments can be a valuable way to find implicit biases within yourself – an act of self-awareness that often goes overlooked because it can be much easier to see bias in other people, not yourself. They can also help you learn to hold yourself accountable in a practical and measurable way.

The Global Inclusion Calculator is one of six modules in our Global Inclusion Course, designed as a substantial measurement of inclusive development for today’s workforce. The course in its entirety teaches all users to recognize their own cultural preferences and uncover blind spots with real-world examples of how to be more open and flexible when it comes to collaborating and communicating with diverse colleagues. But it also includes a 45-question self-assessment to help you understand if you align with your diversity and inclusion goals.

The Global Inclusion Calculator assessment only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Your results will show how diverse your environment is and has been, as well as how flexible you are in your beliefs about people who are different you. Based on your unique answers, the assessment then provides personalized recommendations to help you gain the competencies you need to act more inclusively, regardless of your role in your organization.

In other words, your results reflect who you are today, and how you can grow to be a more inclusive professional. And, you can re-take the assessment in the future to track your success throughout your journey towards developing a more inclusive approach to diverse people and ideas. As your Learning & Development team will tell you, behavior requires you recognize your own reactions to differences and then make a conscious effort to reconcile those differences. Understanding and awareness are only the first steps. You have to be consciously and continuously curious and open-minded to new ideas for self-improvement.

It’s one thing to want to be open to diversity and inclusion, but wanting to be better is not enough. At RW3 CultureWizard, we understand that learning how to actually change your behavior can seem daunting without help. The Global Inclusion Calculator can give you specific ideas to help you crease an inclusive environment where everyone you work with feels a sense of belonging. Take the first step into a habit of curiosity, self-awareness, and professional inclusion with a preview of the Global Inclusion Course.