RW3 CultureWizard’s Cultural Wisdom Webinar recently focused on the gender inclusive workplace. While it is now well accepted that gender diverse organizations perform more effectively in a number of ways, creating an inclusive workplace is not easy at all. Here are 6 tips we think will help to promote inclusivity:

  1. Be clear about your organization’s objectives regarding inclusivity. It’s important that the goals are clear and senior management embraces them.
  2. Assess your organization to gauge its gender inclusivity today. Plan to do the assessment again after training or other interventions.
  3. Help everyone on the team develop self-awareness as to their implicit biases. This will go a long way to giving people an Aha! experience and developing a foundation, which inclusiveness will be built upon.
  4. Examine your hiring and promoting practices. Are they moving your organization in the direction your organization desires? If you suspect they are not, try to figure what’s causing the problem. Is it the way you hire or develop? Is it that there isn’t enough attention paid to the benefits of an inclusive workplace?
  5. Understand the different ways men and women use language. For example, when men and women don’t understand something, they respond and use vocabulary in completely different ways. If you don’t want to misconstrue their meanings, read about their language differences.
  6. Study the CultureWizard Intercultural Model to understand the overlay of global culture. Since gender is only one of the factors that go into making a diverse workplace, learn about how to bridge some of the differences.

Learn more, watch our Gender in the Global Workplace webinar.  Watch now