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Next Generation Technology


Personalized e-Learning

  • Smart technology
    • Responds to learner’s interests
  • Easy-to-consume content
    • Videos, short courses, quizzes, games
  • Advanced search
  • Most comprehensive digital library of global business skills resources

World Class Client Service

The world’s best technology won’t get you the ROI you want. You need user engagement.

Your dedicated Client Success Manager works with you to build a customized user engagement plan:

  • Bringing an integrated RW3 team consisting of Technology, Learning and User Engagement specialists
  • Focusing on your organization’s learning goals and initiatives
  • Providing you with marketing materials and support programs to help you meet your user engagement goals

We meet with you on a regular basis to keep the plan on-track and adjust as needed.

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Unsurpassed Digital Content


Experience the magic of CultureWizard's interactive content.

Over 8,000 learning components, courses, and tools put your learning into action.

- An industry-leading 160 Countries covered in our Country Profiles library

- 10 Core e-learning courses on fundamentals such as Gaining a Global Mindset, Global Leadership, Virtual Teams and the Expat Adjustment Cycle

- Hundreds of topic-specific e-learning video clips and articles on topics from conducting negotiations to conference calls and team-building

- 20 Country-Specific indepth e-learning courses (e.g.  "WorkingWith China")

- Comprehensive Mobile app that covers all of the country information, cultural comparison and media library content covered on the desktop site, in a mobile-friendly format.

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