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    “Analyzing my personal cultural profile and comparing to other countries and colleagues was a helpful way to re-frame the formerly mysterious frustrations of working with our counterparts in Europe. I now have an approach to interpret and adjust on the spot.”

    Charis, United States, Education

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    “I continue to enjoy and recommend the tools on your site to our leaders who manage 68 different nationalities!”

    HR Manager, Major Entertainment Company

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"A colleague mentioned this site.  It is very informative and easy to navigate.  We work with agencies around the world so it is a great place to learn about their culture and customs."

Manager, Mass Media Entertainment, USA

"Phenomenal job with the Culture Day game - very interesting. I continue to enjoy and recommend the tools on your site to our leaders who manage 68 different nationalities!"

Assistant HR Manager, Mass Media Entertainment, USA

"This is amazing content and important information on how to improve interactive capability even in country with important social and business contacts in order to get the best out of the interaction. With the world fast becoming a global trade village this is as important as it was to get good education foundation to make it in the competitive business world."

Director - Courier, British Multinational Security Services Company, Kenya

"I love the Culture Day experience! In our business we deal with many different people around the world. This gives me a little better insight on what to expect from someone from India, or elsewhere and also how much easier communicating can be with someone who has a different cultural back ground than my own. Thank you for this opportunity! It is very much appreciated!!!"

Office Manager, Industrial and Engineering Products, USA

"This was my first visit to the Culture Wizard website but will go back in to study the webinar and view the courses. The quiz was useful and fun, and the whole concept is a great idea, not just for HSBC but the whole global market too, and also for living in general. Particularly in cities there are so many people from so many cultures to meet."

Compliance Manager, International Banking And Financial Services, UK

"Fun, informative and easy to use.  Will definitely recommend culture wizard to colleagues. "

Quality Assurance Officer, International Banking And Financial Services, UK

"Wow!  That was fun.  I look forward to spending more time with the Culture wizard!"

Customer Solutions SAP Specialist, Multinational Medical devices, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer, USA

"I thought this site was very helpful.  It emphasized the value of cultural diversity and the importance to learn about different cultures.  The more knowledgeable we are on the different cultures, the more valuable we can be as a person  and J&J employee.  I really enjoyed this site."

Executive District Manager, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer, USA

"Fantastic, informative site – I only wish I had been aware of it earlier! I especially have liked being able to type in the nationality of doctors in my targeted universe and receive tips on how to best relate with them. The game I just finished as part of World Day For Cultural Diversity For Dialogue & Development was education & fun as well."

Senior Sales Representative, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer, USA

"Feedback on the culture day experience and culturewizard site experience: I think the site is very easy and intuitive to navigate. The resources are impressive and I think very helpful if someone is considering a rotational opportunity. I appreciate all of the educational resources available."

HR Manager, International Auditor Company, USA

"Today I participated in the webinar Generations are cultures too!  It was very interesting to learn about the different generations and tips/ suggestions of how to work with them.  It was very helpful! I also tested my cultural knowledge.  I knew a lot about India since I have staff from India but I really unaware of Saudi Arabian and Thai cultures.  It was very captivating to learn some facts about those countries."

Senior Manager Tax, International Auditor Company

" I found the CultureWizard site very informative and easy to use.  I enjoyed reading the different country profiles, and the game was challenging and very educational!  I will definitely use the CultureWizard site in the future as I plan for both professional and personal trips abroad."

Engagement Support - Compliance Management Services, International International Auditor Company, USA

"I find your site to be pretty well amazing. I’ve recently taken a new position in my company which currently involves working with teams in a couple of countries, and I’m taking an ex-pat assignment this summer for a year. I have found the culture information available through your site to be truly invaluable and insightful – it has definitely helped me to adjust my behaviors and expectations and I feel like I am significantly more effective at working with these other teams and the individuals that make them up."

System Architect, International Technology Corporation, USA

"I very much appreciate the content I learn from my interactions with the CultureWizard site. This information is helpful for me to understand the commonalities and unique attributes of the colleagues I work with. I can create strong collaborative strategies with this knowledge to maintain valuable working relationships. I also appreciate the webinars and games provided by RW3 to continue to build on knowledge and provide some fun application activities."

Global Learning & Development - North America, International Technology Corporation, USA

"CulturalWizard has been a great tool in helping me to learn about the various offices we operate in. In particular when I joined Nasdaq it was the first time I had operated across so many different cultures in any even day. CultureWizard has been an enormous help!
Wishing everyone a very happy United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity and thank you for promoting it so well through games, quizzes, webinars and working with series. I’ve thoroughly Senior enjoyed them all!
Would be great to do this more regularly!! It really bought our team together in competing for the highest scores on the games/quizzes."

Senior Talent Management Specialist, American Stock Exchange, Australia

"Thanks a lot for this. It was a great experience to talk and assist 5 colleagues. Even I learnt a lot about the different cultures. It was fun too. Waiting for such events ahead."

Web developer, American Stock Exchange, India

"It was a great experience helping virtual colleagues. It’s a good practice considering I work in a global workplace. I can definitely use their unique experiences when working with my colleagues, in ASIA, EUROPE and AMERICAS."

Site Project Manager Senior Specialist-Asia Pacific, American Stock Exchange, Phillipines

"CultureWizard is an excellent tool to improve your knowledge about other countries’ culture. I have learned some important facts which is very useful when dealing with people with different culture."

Integrated Call Capture Manager, American Stock Exchange, Philippines

"It was a great learning experience with Culture Day and Culture Wizard web site. We got to learn about other cultures and that too in form of quizzes, made the learning experience very interesting. The scenarios were realistic, and we could actually relate to them. The concept is great, keep it up. Kudos to the entire team."

TA- Senior Sourcing Analyst -APAC, American Stock Exchange, India

"I've been using Culture Wizard for about a year now and have really benefited from the information inside. The modules have been helpful in both my international travels and working with international colleagues. I have recommended this to many others and appreciate all of the work that goes into the content.  Thank you!"

Human Resources Generalist, International Media Conglomerate, USA

"I'm the Diversity and Inclusion Advocate for my office and I think the culture wizard tool presents an amazing opportunity to help my colleagues understand one-another's differences and also better understand the practices of off shore vendors and international business partners. I think often cultural misunderstandings are labeled as personality differences when in reality it is just a matter of clashing culture norms. I'm joining the Generation differences webinar later tonight!"

Project Manager, International Media Conglomerate, USA

"This is a great way to have people of different culture interact with one another.  It show how different we are but , how much we are alike in our traditions. "

Compliance and Sales Process Manager, International Industrial Gases Company, USA

"Overall, I enjoyed the interactive learning involved with the CultureWizard site. It helps to feel involved in the learning, and allows me to feel a part of the learning rather than sifting through mounds of information. This method also allows me to retain what I learned because I can more easily remember the means of how it was presented, and therefore recall the facts easier."

Instructional Designer, International Industrial Gases Company, USA

"The CultureWizard tool contains vast amounts of information that will help anyone working with colleagues or third-parties not of their own culture. "

Media Production Specialist, Technical Communications, International Industrial Gases Company, USA

"The CultureWizard Site is great and has a lot of information about all different countries.  One could spend hours reading all of the great information. "

Instructional Designer, International Industrial Gases Company, USA

"Feedback on your Culture Day experience and CultureWizard site experience overall: Creative, Interactive, Fun at the same time informative (^_^) "

Supplier Diversity Coordinator, International Industrial Gases Company, USA

"Culture Wizard is a great way to help people prepare for successful international business travel."

Technologist, International Industrial Gases Company, USA

"I enjoyed the cultural awareness simulation, as it was a great way to apply the country profile information in a real-world business setting. I appreciated that the exercise covered multiple, distinct countries as it broadened my awareness of parts of the world that I haven't visited. This is a great resource that I hope my colleagues are leveraging. "

Manager, Global Accounting Firm

"I think the culture wizard is really helping me with my work and I enjoy and look forward to my time to learn about different cultures and how I may improve myself."

Customer Serivce, Multinational mass media and information firm, UK

"I really enjoyed the game and all of the information that Culture wizard has to offer; it not only assists in my work agendas but also in my personal given that living in America is beautiful and rewarding because of its cultural diversity."

Senior Designer, Global Engineering Company

"I really enjoy these experiences in WorleyParsons. The culture wizard website is really helpful and now I know things about other cultures and where I can find information about another places so easily. The assessments, the Culture day, the games, those are all great initiatives, congratulations!"

Analyst, Global Engineering Company

"Wow, just wow.  I want to let your team know that you are doing an excellent job at informing those that might not have the cultural experience the proper way to show respect for those that are from different countries and how to behave outside of the U.S. I found the interactive challenge to be light years beyond any culture sensitivity training I have ever encountered.  The use of humor and interactive landscape made me feel like a normal day in the office!  I look forward to being able to participate in more culture training and definitely more interactive case scenarios.  I've got to go now and set the DVR to record Game of Thrones since I forgot to do that!"

International Service Specialist, Global Insurance Company

"Excellent interactive experience, I learned a lot from different cultures!!!! "

Quality Engineer, Global Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

"Culture Wizard has been incredibly helpful in understanding of many situations, some in hindsight. Also it had removed the nagging sense of guilt one feels of having done something wrong.  Culture Day celebration in my case is more a personal event where I recognise the varying cultures I work with or indirectly interact. Being a new employee of the current division it also helps me to be have the necessary tools to understand and connect and to know the correct way to do a thing. "

Assistant Vice President, International Banking And Financial Services

"Culture Day experience: Attending the webinar was my first interaction with RW-3, and I was very impressed with the speakers, as well as the information presented. In fact, I am forwarding the links of the recording to my colleagues, as I think it is solid information and well presented. Really enjoyed the ‘game’ – very creative! CultureWizard Overall: I have just begun to explore the overall site, and can see that there is A LOT of information! I like that there is a good mix of reading and video, and everything is very professionally done. So far, I don’t have any constructive critiques! Excellent site."

Strategic Project Manager, British–Swedish multinational pharmaceutical company

"I believe the site is a “gold mine” something to be used and consulted by each player in a multinational team.  Very nice experience with the tools I found on culturewizard.com."

Business Operations Manager, Global Automotive Safety Systems Manufacturer

"I loved the “Culture Day Game” based on scenarios and helpful hints along the way.  It was challenging and informative.  I create eLearning and it gave me some ideas!  In addition, my 3 closest colleagues are all in different countries, so CultureWizard is a fabulous tool.  I am signed up for the webinar tomorrow."

Business & Integration Services Specialist Multinational mass media and information firm

"Quite interesting. I will be heading down to Brazil for the 3rd time to help cover the World Cup. Interesting point suggesting arriving up to 1 hour late to a party. Guess with many parties taking place, this rule will apply regularly."

Director, Field Specialist, Multinational mass media and information firm

"Culture day game was a really useful and entertaining exercise. I mainly deal with business partners in India and the Philippines and it was nice to get some insight into other cultures I’m not normally working with but may well be in the future! Planning to attend a “Working With” session. Will encourage my team to take part as well. Culture Wizard. Really useful tool which I have used to prepare for relationship building workshops. Also often recommend this to my team and have put a link on our department intranet page"

Content Delivery Manager, Multinational mass media and information firm

"I really like the Culture Wizard program because it goes beyond the surface. I especially like the iPhone App and have used it with friends when they express concerns about communicating with coworkers, students, and service industry workers.The mapping of cultural values across countries is especially useful and has helped me in my work with a London counterpart. plan on continuing with the coursework on the website. Oh, and the Culture Day game was just the right length! "

Business Analyst, Multinational mass media and information firm

"As a foreigner working in the U.S. and planning to keep moving on to at least a few more countries before I settle down somewhere, I really appreciate the quality and structure of the information I found on the CultureWizard site. I found the Culture Day experience fun and engaging, enjoyed the Leverage Your Global Team’s Diversity presentation and learned a great deal through the WorkingWith series.he only development feedback I could give is that for the quizzes, I often felt like some of the wrong answers seemed close to what I have learned during the course, and I would have appreciated a short side note on why those statements were incorrect."

Finance Intern, American GPS device manufacturer

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