In order to make the most of your investment in your employees’ cultural competencies, you need more than just support navigating CultureWizard programs.

That’s why you work with a dedicated client engagement manager to continually evolve your approach to cultural fluency based on your organization’s current goals. Each month, you’ll talk one-on-one so you can:

  • Go over current metrics and find ways to increase your return on investment by using CultureWizard in other areas of your company
  • Maximize employee participation and the effectiveness of the tools with new program approaches
  • Implement strategies that achieve organization objectives
  • Discuss new marketing materials and how to internally promote CultureWizard in your workplace

This personalized approach is your key to implementing, maintaining, and growing the cultural competencies of your employees for bottom-line impact.

Behind-the-scenes support

With online learning tools, the biggest failure is when people don’t continue to engage with the information. Our audience engagement manager keeps content fresh by relentlessly monitoring what’s working—and what’s not. Materials are created in new formats from quizzes to games in order to ensure your employees are using the material.

You won’t see our audience engagement manager, but you’ll notice constant changes big and small that maximize participation and program effectiveness.

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