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Case study

Breakthrough: Demonstrating ROI on Cultural Training


Muslim female doctor in hospital giving an injection to a little boy

The Challenge

Pfizer Vaccines noted a significant deficit in the number of vaccines administered in certain pockets of California where health care providers were predominantly owned and operated by foreign born and first generation Asian-Americans originating from China and Vietnam.

The vaccine is an important component of the series of inoculations that newborns receive in addition to senior citizens, which protects against pneumococcal disease.


Pfizer Vaccines put out an RFP, which RW3 CultureWizard won to develop a unique learning experience for their sales and marketing team to develop intercultural skills to better serve Asian-American health care providers and to protect children and senior citizens from pneumococcal disease in California and beyond.
Audience: Sales and Marketing team for one of Pfizer’s vaccine brands spanning the state of California.


RW3 created a customized CultureWizard site blended with two facilitated workshops for sales and marketing reps.


The Pfizer Analytics team calculated ROI to be $7.5 for every $1 spent on RW3 solution.

  • Reps’ confidence levels to serve Asian-American health care providers increased significantly at conclusion of learning experience.
  • Pfizer presented this learning solution to CA Dept. of Public Health to distinguish themselves within the pharma industry.
  • Key takeaway: Blended learning across entire team ensured skill development to achieve vaccination objectives for underperforming territories in CA.
participants reporting extreme confidence after pilot (up from 71%)
of audience reported the solution and facilitator exceeded their expectations

Success stories from vaccine territory managers

Insights I couldn’t have learned anywhere else

The Culture Calculator provided insights I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. Understanding my own cultural values in comparison with China and Vietnam was priceless.

Vaccine Territory Manager

Instantly developed trust

With my learnings from the workshop I engaged a customer with interpersonal questions, which led to a conversation about his family. He then asked me about mine, and I shared that my children were in a Chinese language immersion program. He was so surprised and become so animated that he asked where it was and why we decided to enroll our children. I instantly developed trust with him by demonstrating a personal interest and respect for his culture. I can now tell from his body language and tone that I can move forward in directly asking for his business.

Vaccine Territory Manager

Excited to see the impact

I shared the news about our CultureWizard workshop with an office manager in my territory, and I told her my Culture Calculator results matched more with the Vietnamese culture than the US culture – especially regarding our more fluid approach to time. She loved that and then shared with me a few stories about Vietnamese culture. I told her I would be back to see her again the following week. I am excited to see the impact cultural awareness will have on all areas of my business within the Vietnamese community.

Vaccine Territory Manager

Great relationship

I invited a family / internal medicine office with a high volume of seniors and Vietnamese patients to lunch, based on the strategies we learned in the CultureWizard workshops. I have a great relationship with the medical director’s wife, who is a Vietnamese pharmacist and takes pride in administering our vaccine.

Vaccine Territory Manager

More trust with the doctors

"I wanted to use this time to develop more trust with the doctors. My dialogue with the medical director reminded me so much of the role play we did during the workshop. He asked me deeper questions about my life and personal interests. I shared with him my passion for leadership and curiosity for human behavior, and from there he segued to solicit my advice on his operations within the group!"

Vaccine Territory Manager

I can already see the impact

I really appreciate the investment that was made in us reps and ultimately for our customers. I can already see the impact as it’s really helping to increase my value to these offices.

Vaccine Territory Manager


It was so fascinating to learn why, historically, these cultures are so different from the US.

Vaccine Territory Manager

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