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Case study

Effective Leadership Development





The Jotun Group is a Norwegian chemicals company based in Oslo. They are a world-class provider of paints and coatings.

Their paint covers bridges, ships, and even the Eiffel Tower.

Jotun has a presence in more than 90 countries, with 36 production facilities in 21 countries. It has 9,500 employees.

The Challenge

Jotun wanted to roll out new management and leadership programs in response to the opportunities and challenges the company faced. They wanted to focus on helping leaders become more effective in their international businesses.

They wanted to integrate cultural learning into all their management and leadership programs.

Jotun also needed a standalone learning facility to augment their other training programs that would also integrate with their eLearning platform (Learning Gateway).


RW3 created a customized Jotun CultureWizard site to reflect the needs of Jotun’s management program.

The Jotun CultureWizard was integrated into all their programs, including onboarding/new hires. Components of their CultureWizard site were set up to be accessed by all employees via the company’s learning facilities, including SharePoint. Jotun plans to integrate it with their travel/booking system for all business travelers. RW3 provided orientations to employees and Train the Trainer sessions to Jotun trainers in Oslo. Partnering with the HR team to continually support and promote the site to Jotun employees, RW3 stayed actively engaged in the success of the program.

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The feedback from the C-class executives was overwhelmingly positive.

 It spurred early adoption of the site, and gave visibility and credibility to the whole management program.

Likewise, 100 employee pilot users rated RW3 CultureWizard 4-5 on a 5-point scale on all evaluated aspects.


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