CultureWizard”s Global Inclusion Suite contains 4 additional courses that enables organizations to support a comprehensive learning initiative and build truly productive inclusive cultures.

Through self-assessments, learner-centric games, and the RW3 Pause-Reflect Approach, these Advanced Courses will give people the resources they need to practice equity and inclusion in the workplace.

  • Overcoming Implicit Bias By recognizing how corrosive Bias can be, where it comes and that it’s a common brain function that can be managed, people will learn how to apply the RW3 Pause-Reflect Approach in order to more successfully manage interpersonal situations and overcome bias.

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  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader Created for managers, team leaders, or any employee in a leadership position, this course provides actionable insights on how to become a more inclusive and effective leader.

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  • Acting Inclusively: Creating an Inclusive Culture Learn the skills needed to build strong relationships with curiosity conversations, as well as how to navigate and conduct difficult conversations. 
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  • Confronting Racial and Ethnic Bias: A Proactive, Global Approach This course defines a common language, clarifies the issues facing us in today’s workplace, and outlines behaviors and tactics we can all take. Unique to this course, we bring together six experts from around the world to share their insights and understanding to confront this global phenomenon.

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