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Instructor-Led Courses 

Address specific development needs with live, customized workshops and webinars for individuals and groups delivered by our certified intercultural facilitators. Our blended learning approach leverages the assessments and resources of CultureWizard to enhance the learning before, during and after the sessions.


Our blended learning workshops raise awareness of workplace cultural differences so that your employees can capitalize on all of their interactions, global and local. Instructor-led training helps professionals practice doing business with a global mindset through real-world scenarios. 

Facilitated learning enables professionals at all levels to:

  • Raise awareness of personal cultural values and critical differences with other colleagues and cultures
  • Develop intercultural competencies for business-specific scenarios
  • Make commitments to further master a global mindset with the resources on CultureWizard, including the CultureWizard Mobile app.

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We provide interactive, engaging courses in both face-to-face and virtual formats, and we always tailor content to the specific needs of the participants. We identify facilitators from our trusted, global network of intercultural facilitators based on their knowledge, skills, experience and style. Our blended learning approach facilitates mental preparation with pre-work and sustains learning with further opportunities via CultureWizard. This way, participants can access learning online and via their smartphones at their own pace. Programs range from 90-minute webinars to full-day immersions.

Here’s just a sample of courses we offer:

Global Leaders

Global Teams

Global Mindset

Individual Contributors & Business Travelers

International Assignees

Train-the-Trainer Options



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