Culture Calculator

Cultural understanding begins with recognizing that your own behaviors and values are culturally based.  The Culture Calculator personal assessment enables you to graphically compare yourself with over 160 other cultures, and then gives you in-depth tips and insights on how to bridge the cultural differences you might face.

Monthly Price: $999

Annual Price: $6999


Country Profiles & Culture Calculator

This resource provides you with both the Culture Calculator and our in-depth country profiles on over 160 countries. The Country Profiles contain complete guides on everything from managing people, making presentations, business and social interactions and integrate that understanding with the insights you gain from the Culture Calculator.

Monthly Price: $2499

Annual Price: $11999


All the information you need to work and interact with people from a specific country. Appropriate for business travelers and international assignees. The tool contains, a unique 45 minute multi-media comprehensive country-specific course, Country Profiles on over 160 countries, and the Culture Calculator assessment tool.

Annual Price: $35000

Selling with a Global Mindset

All of us need to sell, whether it’s selling a product or selling ideas. Having the skill to present those effectively across cultures and styles is a professional requirement. Selling with a Global Mindset course will help you develop the skills you need.  The course addresses Prospecting, Making a Presentation, Handling Questions and Objections, Closing and Negotiating. The course also includes valuable tips for understanding 160 countries.

Course Price: $2499


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