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I am very good at remembering things I have to do, and really awful at remembering things I've done. It's not humility that makes me forget the things I've done. It's just human nature. To be precise, it's the Zeigarnik effect.
In the 1920s, psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik studied waiters. She studied the fact that waiters were excellent in remembering people's orders until the point at which the check had been paid. At that point, the waiter very quickly forgot the entire order. Based on this study, scientists quickly learned that human beings are task-oriented. Working toward the completion of a task also has the effect of making people come back for more.

It's with that knowledge in mind that we built in one of the features on the new RW3 CultureWizard site: Progress bars. Let's, first, focus on the whole site for a little bit. We built an entirely new platform, keeping all of the content, with an eye toward personalization and usage, both of which are pain points for any eLearning provider.
How did we do that?
Well, in large part, we did it thanks  to Bluma Zeigarnik. Logging onto most sites is a simple matter of entering in a user name and a password. It's not very exciting. 
With the new CultureWizard site, whenever you log on for the first time, we ask you why you're using CultureWizard. Do you travel frequently? Do you work with people from global teams? What country are you interested in? 
All of this allows you, the user, to really question why you're on CultureWizard and we use these questions so that our site knows precisely what to show you, pulling from our 8,000 pieces of content, when you first log on. It's another journey. It's another way to build buy-in. Or, to use Zeigarnik's example, it's the waiter effect all over again.
The journey continues from there, of course, with things like progress bars and the bookmarking of videos. In addition to that, we track your usage from the beginning, quickly finding out what  content is most useful to you. Therefore, if you're reading up  a lot on Global Teams and using our Teamwork tool, we'll continue to focus on showing you team-related work. If, instead, you're  more interested in the Culture Calculator and you're always looking at expat information, we may show you our SAGE expat assessment next. 
You can always, of course, go off-script and browse our content all on your own through our new (and aptly-named) Explore menu. Some people, after all, prefer learning by jumping around and discovering new things. Others prefer learning by being given a sequence to follow. Some prefer video content, and other people prefer written content (we've also added transcripts to all of our videos so the readers are covered now!). It really all depends on what your preferences are, and we've done everything to make sure that your preferences are catered to. 
We've made many more changes, as well, including deep-linking and, of course, a much snazzier re-design. Other things fan favorites, like SSO and our content, are still there, of course. 
All in all, though, it's about the Zeigarnik Effect and making sure you keep coming back because, when all is said and done, 8,000 pieces of content is a very big restaurant order!
Enjoy the new CultureWizard!