Your China Blog, which covers intercultural issues in China, posted on Chinese women's expectations of dating, serious relationships and marriage.

Several young men in China told us that the girls they courted would, before even agreeing to a date, inquire about their means and intentions of purchasing a flat.

According to the blog, many young women agreed that this form of stability, directly connected to the purchase of an apartment or house, was a critical prerequisite to considering a relationship. Chinese culture is founded on a strong motivation to maintain harmony and stability, and housing is a key ingredient. Of course, there are a few responses that were unconventionally missing the expectation of a flat, alluding to a cultural shift as China emerges as the second largest economy in the world.

Conversely, the typical European response is that love, loyalty and a strong personal connection are the most important requirements for starting a relationship. According to the respondents, there are no financial commitments required. Of course, these values come from the resource rich environment in which European culture has evolved. Chinese culture has been informed by a more challenging environment, where housing is not taken for granted, thus leading to a discussion about the different trajectories of each region's economic histories and their influence on culture.

Watch the video below from Your China Blog. What strikes you as uniquely cultural about the individual responses?


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